ECOS Solutions



  • Understand your building’s or business demands and expectations.
  • Identify possible solutions around your requirements, then evaluate them for efficiency, serviceability, reliability, and cost reduction.
  • Continually collaborate with your team- owners, managers, contractors, and consultants.
  • Develop short and long-term goals and create a roadmap to achieve your desired results.
  • Envision the solution’s lifecycle and businesses’ potential future requirements and establish the platform for adaptation; scalability that provides savings for tomorrow.


  • Conduct a comprehensive building analysis and determine what solution best fits your requirements and addresses all constraints.
  • Connecting the building with the business and enabling the solution to be a catalyst for profitability.
  • Develop the solution around your needs; we don’t just push a single product line!
  • As Master Integrators, we manage and synchronize all trades, delivering real system collaboration to the project.


  • Provide you with training and custom support at your request.
  • Continue collaboration with all key stakeholders and skills; effectively sharing information.
  • Deliver the solution using the most current and relevant products and practices.
  • Assist you in experiencing immediate operational savings.


  • Protect the business and building through service that returns value.
  • Break away from the traditional proprietary systems and maintain the competitive advantage with an evolving solution.
  • Continue to realize operational savings with user-friendly energy efficient solutions; reducing training time, energy consumption, and service requirements.
  • Proactively support the solution and ensure you get the most utility out of your investment.


Support and attain LEED Credits:

No matter if the project is a retrofit application or new construction, Convergentz can provide energy and environmentally conscious solutions that support LEED credits. From tenants who strive to achieve Commercial Interiors LEED goals to owners that desire LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations. Convergentz can help pave the way for sustainable building operations and maintenance practices.

Web-based Building monitoring and control:

Convergentz provides technology solutions that deliver complete visibility over your building or enterprise portfolio’s performance. Empowering you with the tools and resources critical for analysis and implementing quick and informed decisions. Establishes a single, user-friendly, portal for employees, owners, and tenants.

Building Automation Systems:

Our approach to providing our customers with the competitive advantage of owning a non-proprietary and “open” system is the core of our business. Exceed your return of investment through our efficient solutions. Every solution is tailored to our customer’s requirements, proven to meet their needs through our ECOS process.

Security and Access Controls:

Make your building not only safe with customized surveillance, access controls, monitoring, and analytics, but enable them to contribute to your energy conservation goals. This is done through an integrative approach that utilizes power over Ethernet (PoE) and activates systems upon programming parameters or presence. Security solutions are scalable and tailored to your requirements. Convergentz can deliver the tools for video and data sharing and storage, smart building interoperability, analytics, and biometrics.

Integrative Technology Solutions:

Through our ECOS backbone technologies, we can bring you full integration of all your building’s functions into a single network “backbone.” This IP network is the platform for simplistic synchronization, user interface, monitoring, analysis, and control. This innovative process combines cost savings in utilities and operational efficiency for building owners, managers, engineers, and tenants. Building functions supported on this backbone include, but are not limited to security cameras and access controls, energy and lighting, water, HVAC, IT business needs (voice, data, and video), fire and life safety, and renewable resources. Each function is seamlessly integrated into an open, non-proprietary, system enabling real-time viewing, control, and analytics from anywhere, anytime, and anyplace. Our solutions interface not only addresses individual buildings, but are also capable of property portfolio integration.

Asset Management:

If monitoring your parking garage, vehicle fleet and employee movement, tenant billing and services, or computer usage is a requirement, consider a Convergentz solution that addresses any and all of your business’ constraints.

Digital Signage:

Advertise, spread awareness of your company or management staff’s initiatives through our technology driven capabilities. Share your ideas, vendor’s ads, local activities, or LEED information through an inter-connected portal tied into your building’s backbone.

Business Technology Solutions:

Convergentz can enable building owners and management with the platform to deploy ancillary business needs. Voice, video, and data sharing and storage can be delivered through our ECOS backbone. Don’t invest capital in another disparate network, allow us to integrate your staff’s and tenants IT demands from a single and secure core.

Metering and Energy Management Solutions:

Metering is simple, but what do you do with the raw data? Convergentz can provide you with a collaborative system that enables owners and managers to make real-time and automated energy conservation measures. From customized alarming to automated Demand Response, we can help you meet your environment-friendly goals and save money.

Lighting Control and Integrative Solutions:

Minimize your unnecessary electrical usage by integrating controls into a web-based solution. We can help you meet your goals in light harvesting or scheduling. Accurately capture tenant consumption and billing through your custom building management system.

Service and Maintenance Solutions:

Preserve your investment and maximize your building’s performance through our comprehensive service and maintenance solutions. Our technicians not only know buildings and HVAC systems, we have the experience and expertise to provide unmatched operational efficiencies throughout your facility or building portfolio. Customer support and exceeding our customer’s expectations is our foremost objective.